Our History


As a boutique publisher of books that encourage people of all ages to think beyond the status quo, it is our mission at Hermes House Press to provide readers with rich, visual experiences that inspire, inform and educate in unique and powerfully meaningful ways.


Hermes House Press was founded by author and photographer Jules Hermes in 2009 with the publication of PEACE. LOVE. PAWS: The Art of Being Kinda whimsical art book to benefit the work of the Atlanta Humane Society.

Since then, our list of books has slowly grown to include multicultural publications such as Una Experiencia by Teresa Glass Connaker and India Self Portrait: An artful anthology of Indian life in past and present, which spans nearly three decades.


Projects and covers we love

We see books as works of art. With months and often years devoted to a single title, authors, editors, designers and publishers work tirelessly to produce a product that lives up to every expectation. Yet, time and again, the thrill of completion—particularly for the author—is clouded by sluggish sales. It’s understandable. Never before have so many books been written and published and marketed the world over. And never before have so many exceptional books been buried by silence. We say, “So what?”

Imagine if Van Gogh quit painting because no one would buy his art? You get the idea. When the story comes from the heart, what happens next doesn’t matter. It’s enough to commit and complete.

Let the world decide what it will—but know without a doubt that it’s waiting to hear from you!





Let us know how we can help you bring your next book to life.