Temple Festivals of the South

There are so many festivals celebrated in South India. Most of them are celebrated to the god Muruga and the goddess Mariamma. In praise of Lord Muruga people will take kavadis, like pal kavadi, pannir kavadi, ther kadavdi and radha kavadi. They will also pull radha, the hook of which will be attached to their body. By this they will solve their vows. This taking of kavadis and pulling of radha is considered one of the most important festivals in South India.

Kargam is dedicated to Mariamma, the goddess of health and rain. Mostly women will carry milk pots and fire pots. They keep the pots on their heads and will round the temple three or four times. Some people will walk on fire. Like this, they will solve their vows. Some people will keep milk for snakes. Some people will dance the Karagam. Mostly these festivals are celebrated in the temples in the villages. They will celebrate in a very grand manner.

Poikkal Kuthirai and the peacock dance are also included in these festivals The people from urban and rural villages will enjoy these festivals. During these festivals people will wear new dresses and decorate their houses with flowers and they will keep their houses very clean and they will paint their houses and do pujas to the gods and goddesses. This festival is call Chittirai Thirunal and will be celebrated for ten days. Many festivals of South India are celebrated like this. There are some other festivals also celebrated in South India like Deepavali and Pongal, but this festival is only celebrated in South India.

Essay: S. Jayalakshmi, age 15, Tamil Nadu, 1989

Art: Temple Festivals by Rahul, age 11, Kerala