PEACE. LOVE. PAWS: The Art of Being Kind


When the Atlanta Humane Society began their Be Kind to Animals student art contest some 30 years ago, they were expecting a barrage of paintings and drawings depicting cats and dogs—maybe a few rabbits here and there. But when a hedgehog made its way through their doors and into their hearts, they knew there was more to the story than a group of children dabbling in paint. They were bringing messages from the animal kingdom!

PEACE. LOVE. PAWS: The Art of Being Kind is a 144-page, hard-bound anthology of some of the Atlanta Humane Society’s favorite Be Kind to Animals contest entries from over the years.The book features a kaleidoscope of animals, from camels and crabs to peacocks and penguins.




Some bring a whisper, some a warning, but all of their messages are filled with love and hope, inspiring us all to widen our circle of compassion to include all beings.

ISBN: 978-9825503-1-1

Retail Price: $29.95