The Test of Time

As the world rushes into the third millennium toward Industry 4.0, the population of India—our planet’s largest and oldest democracy—silently surpasses a colossal one billion. With a burgeoning diaspora of some 25 million across the globe, it has never been more commonplace to live, work or study side by side with a man, woman or child of Indian descent. Yet, at the same time, it has never been more difficult to comprehend this evolving culture and enigmatic land.

Over the past three decades India has taken quantum leaps in every aspect of life, particularly science, math, engineering and technology. And from afar, the old stereotypes of sainted sages and mysticism have gradually been replaced by call centers and scholars. Somewhere in the middle, however, the heart and soul of India undoubtedly still exists. But where?

You are about to find out.

India Self Portrait is an artful anthology of Indian life—in past and present. This rare, unorchestrated and often prophetic collection creates a unique visual rendering of a country rooted in simplicity yet crowded with complexities and absurdities. Representing a fusion of humanity bound by borders and separated by more than 20 major languages with hundreds of different dialects, India Self Portrait features paintings and illuminating passages from young artists who have come from hidden villages of the Himalayas, from the backwaters of the jungles, across the sands of the desert and from the heart of the booming metropolises. Of all creeds and classes, they paint scenes with images and words that reflect a tessellation of life, from gods and demons to city streets and monsoons. With honesty and clarity, they candidly create a secular portrait of the place they call home. READ THE STORY BEHIND THE BOOK.