INDIA SELF PORTRAIT: An artful anthology of Indian life in past and present

Take an extraordinary journey through India with remarkable youth who have come from hidden villages of the Himalayas, from the backwaters of the jungles, across the sands of the desert and from the heart of the booming metropolises.With illuminating paintings and candid essays, they passionately reveal—in past and present—an intimate portrait of the place they call home.

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Community-based Rehabilitation in the Bolivian Amazon

by Teresa Glass Connaker

Minnesota author and occupational therapist, Teresa Glass Connaker (Teresa Glass), had the privilege of living in Bolivia for seven years, working together with a very engaged and supportive community to create a community-based rehabilitation program for children with disabilities. Community-based Rehabilitation in the Bolivian Amazon chronicles that journey while serving as a reference and a medium to provide tools and useful information for the development of community-based rehabilitation programs. A true labor of love… read more…


by Julie R. Dargis

Borderland: An Exploration of States of Consciousness in New and Selected Sonnets. Written by Julie R. Dargis, who spent many years working internationally supporting refugees and local communities affected by war and natural disasters, Borderland connects readers to an integral view of the world as each poem and sonnet considers how nature, warfare and science collide to create our individual and collective realities. Buy a signed copy here.